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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good morning and welcome to the transbay joint powers authority meeting -- special
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meeting for may 20. my name is jane kim and i will be chairing the meeting. could we take roll call. >> director harper. >> present. >> director lied. >> present. >> director metcalf. >> director sart art. >> present. >> and chair kim. >> here. >> kim present as well. madam chair you do have a quorum. >> thank you. are there communications from the board today? seeing none any old or new business? seeing none we move on to executive director's report. >> good morning directors, members of the public. as you know we put out our seal bid that can be broken up into three packages recently and bids are due june 20 and after that he we expect to bring a board for your consideration to the july board meeting in order to stay on schedule so that's really the main item right now in addition
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to the 100% cd's minus the it component us due at the end of may and that is on back to be delivered to us and we will review that with our team members and turn the package over to webcor by the end of the year at the latest and i will have steve give your construction update. >> good morning directors. steve rule with turner construction providing cmo services to the tjpa. the last month has been another good -- make good progress overall on the project and again no injuries or osha reportable accidents. we had one near miss accident involving a crane losing some sort of loss of power in the lifting and a piece of equipment falling back into the hole. no significant
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damage to the equipment and no injuries whatsoever. they were following all of the appropriate procedures keeping the hoisting area clear so there were no injuries and work is continuing in the area. the excavation is about 72% complete overall and the micro-piles are 50% complete and zone one and 50% overall. the demolition continues in zone four as they start to work on actually demolishing the tops of the shafts and continue to work on finishing up the quality assurance coring of the piles. the geothermal installation started in earnest in last period with two sections installed and tested and covered up in prepareeration for of the mud slap and the water work
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continues along mission street particularly in the intersections at second and first street to finish those areas up. again the awss and a replacement or increase in size of the existing system which leads getting back into the other utilities around that one and that is slowing the process down a little lit but all of the other utilities are cooperating in moving their materials around in the layout. we will see the completion of the micro-piles within 90 days and zones in one and two, but more significantly what we should see is the first foundation pour, the first map slap poured in zone one should occur in july. you will start seeing the reinforcing steel and the waterproofing. we first do a waterproofing layer and the protection and the reinforcing
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steel and the first pour should occur in july. overall all the timeline continues to zero in on the 2017 october date of operations with the below grade work starting up. super structure as the executive director mentioned we put the steel package out to bid. that will get that moving along. the exteriors and so on through the finishes. some milestone dates that we're tracking and continue to show you as they change or improve. of course the final traffic bridge was installed in april and with some float left over. some of the other items the first map pour is on track in zone one completing the excavation in first quart of 2014 is still on track and so on through the activities. the
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bse timeline getting towards the end of that with the completion of the traffic binge bridges and the excavation is 70% complete on. >> >> and on track for the beginning of 2014. as we go into the below grade work and up through the lower concourse and the horizontal land improving and the foundation walls and slap and box walls and we're in the beginning here with the and i will show you pictures and this will allow them to move into that waterproofing. the excavation status i know it's difficult to read, but it has the micro-piles which are in red if they're not completed and grayed out if completed. on
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the lower left hand side those are where the must be slabs are pored and turned over for the below grade work. the areas in the upper left hand corner is the next mud slap pours and that will be turned over to them by line five or six. give them about six bays to work on the first foundation pour. just some progress photos. again since everything is down below the level of the street it's hard to tell that significant progress has been made but can you tell from the shadows the excavation is deeper than the previous month. here is the micro pile account and with all of these piles installed. almost completely tested in zone one. we are completely installed in zone one. to date
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we haven't had failures of the micro-piles and the graph from before and they're staying on schedule and not indicating any problems with maintaining that schedule and keeping up what is required for the below package to proceed. so those are shots of the micro-pile work in zones one and 2p and as i mentioned the geothermal got started in earnest this period. it's about two or 3 feet below the surface what would be eventually covered by the mud or protection slap and you see the header system where all the pipes go into and eventually up the wall and used later in the project tied into the full circulation system of the cooling and heating water. i
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will give you some other ideas of the geothermal and of course once they're pressure tested and signed off the area is covered up again and prepared for the mud slab pour which in this area will be this friday. waterproofing mock up was completed. it subsequently developed some good questions and collaboration with the design team to make sure all of the waterproofing issues are covered and that mock up came down and they'll begin shortly. some of the other waterproofing activities at the base of each of the micro-piles it has to get waterproofed. that's the small area that look like reinforcing bars sticking up. those are the micro-piles and in the lower right hand corner they're mocking up the column protection. those columns are
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supporting the trussel or supporting the bracing and thigh all need to be in caseed in a steel jacket so they can be cut off at a later date when the trussel or bracing is no longer required and that area can be sealed up and waterproofed as well. as you can imagine that all gets covered up by the foundation slab that is 5 feet thick. some more shots of the mud slab going in. that's on the south side of the train box at the west end. excavation proceeding in zones two and three. zone four again all the water -- all the water treatment plant equipment has been removed. the trestle bridge is started. as of last friday was completed with all the deck cover laid out. they still have welding and work to do underneath, so work is
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progressing significantly in zone four as well. shots of the work going on in zone four. and of course i mentioned the awss work continues. you can see how congested things are in trying to build the new boxes for the pipe and work around the other utilities. this work was taken place at mission and first street. we still running overall the 63% mark on local labor. there are the break downs through the end of april, and as far as trade break downs also through the end of april 1300 unique individuals having recorded time on the project. and again this is just the transit center work and the utilities work. it doesn't include the previous demolition or the temporary terminal work. are there any questions? >> director harper.
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>> yeah. a couple. do you know what cause the loft of the crane power? >> >> i was told there was a hydroic system in one of the cable drums. it actually didn't free fall. it went down at a higher rate of speed but it wasn't a total loss and free fall. >> the other question i am not unfamiliar with the geothermal aspect. did we dorph that on the site? >> no, sir. good question. as placing the pipes under ground at that level there say constant temperature in the ground and so by pumping either hot water down through this system it's cooled to that constant temperature or cold water can be -- >> it's just a heat system. >> yes. >> okay. >> basically it maintains -- we use the core temperature of the earth which is at 40 some odd degrees to heat and cool the
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facilities. it's one of the first facilities in the country to use geothermal pipes for that reason. it helps with the lead points. >> i was wondering what you meant with that. >> it's interesting to look at if you're ever in the neighborhood. >>i definitely want to get down there. >> any other questions? >> director reiskin. >> yeah, i mentioned i was up at a office building adjacent to the site and it was impressive to see the magnitude of the work and you can see when you look down and how much excavation is getting done. the progress is pretty impressive. just one question on the schedule and i apologize if i asked this before. the schedule on the completion of the steel now shows september 15 which is better than the baseline schedule of november 15 and i am just wondering is that based on
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the current structure of the steel bids in terms when we expect to get to ntp and the duration or do we expect that to be reicized? >> good question. so the construction milestones that i just showed you that are in the update as i understand it not inclusive of any final impact we may discover with the steel bids. however, we believe that we can control that and that's what we're working on once we get the bids back and i know webcor is working on ways to do work arounds and strategize how to increase the speed for delivering the steel. i have seen some milestones that stayed pretty darn close to where we want to be but that will be discussed i believe if not next month the july meeting when we get the results from the bid
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but it's our intent to minimize that as much as possible and one is the discussion of the cast nodes and later on the agenda. >> yeah director -- i asked them to look at at schedule again and revise it based on everything and give me mitigation strategies if they believe there is an intent in any area tell me where we can recover and the float that we had back and i expect to have that back by the time we bring the steel package in july. >> okay great. thank you. >>i want to thank everyone for the good work on the construction site. we continue to have zero incidents and there are tours from high schools in the area coming into the site and learning about construction and engineering and architect and you are we will be bringing more information on that. we put out a newsletter that talked about two of the successful programs
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and manny says everyone he talks about we want to work on transit bay and it's the one project we want to work on and it's a testament offed good work andtur. that concludes my report. >> thank you. as the summer heats up we have interns and students coming in and maybe we could put them on the agenda for july. >> sure. i would be happy to. >> okay. now we're at public comment number six and opportunity for members of the public to address you. >> good morning chairman and members of the board. i would like to echo the remarks i made during last week's supplemental eir scoping meeting and with the issues with sfgovtv which is not broadcasting today's meeting live. the first point i made
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last week is a single tree track tunnel can't be built and it's impossible to e vac vait the train. the second point there are five structures two on second treat and two on townsend and this is bizarre and the structure for the london high speed tunnels are 2 miles apart. the last point extending the platforms to other side of main street it's impossible to do [inaudible] to the east bay at the later date. there is no improvement since november and i will touch on this again before the board adjourns to close session to discussed evaluation of the the chief executive and the transcripts of the november, december, january, and march board meetings have disappeared from sfgovtv and the presentation is missing from
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item number nine in the november board packet. >> thank you and our secretary wanted -- our board secretaried wanted to let you know that sfgovtv has phoned in to say that we are live. next speaker. >> good morning -- >> i am sorry. we called mr. patrick first but you can go right after him. >> hi i am jim patrick and with patrick and company in san francisco and as a neighbor to this project. i approached this board a number of times about the west end entrance and i have a letter i would like to share to the board and i will give it to the secretary upon the completion of my presentation. i believe we can save $5 million by eliminating the west end area, the exit way to the park. $5 million is about equal to the
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budget for the trances bay operating budget for next year. i believe it deserves serious consideration. it will -- it's a poor design. it won't be used. it's going to be dangerous. we saw what happened to the elevator in the guy riding the bart elevateddor. it spoils the ground floor design on the west end where the traffic is coming in from the west end and it's just a plain old bad idea. i like it to be reevaluated. i approached the board and other people about this and to date have received zero responseo i am hoping that we can get more than zero response. thank you. >> thank you mr. patrick. our next speaker -- >> would be florence kong. >> good morning directors. my name is florence